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Week 2 of my morning routine.

I'm 2 weeks into my morning routine. I wake up at 6am easier now. I start with elimination of fluids, I I then scrape my tongue and brush my teeth. Following this I start my yoga practice and go straight into my meditation. I then finish up with a morning oil massage into a nice clean shower. Now when I started this 2 weeks ago, I had went with the oil massage into my yoga. I have found going into my yoga first after elimination give me more presence in the moment to wake up and stretch. I felt that going straight to the shower caused my family to wake up quicker. So I decided being quiet and doing my yoga first took away a worry of others and allowed me to be present with myself easier.

There has been a few improvements that are clearly visible with my body and mind. My skin has become less rosy and I have more energy throughout the day. I am sleeping sounder at night and I am having far less mood swings, if any at all, throughout my day. Im excited for more changes to come from following this morning routine. I understand it takes personal motivation and real control over your will to achieve this type of routine. Especially if you are already in a routine that is completely different from this one. So my advice to someone trying to get into this routine. Begin with baby steps, start with your tongue scraping every morning. Move on to taking a shower every morning. Do massaging on yourself no matter what time of day it is. It's all about eventually changing your lifestyle from one that is just getting you by, to one that is improving your life. My morning routine is improving my life and I'm here to help you through yours.

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