The Three Gunas and the personality

The personality of an individual is not only a function of his or her constitution but also of his or her karma. While its beyond the scope of ayurveda to be able to determine the specific samskaras present within a person's consciousness, it is possible to determine the general state of a person's consciousness. Ayurveda utilizes the language of the gunas to express this state. The Three Gunas are Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. They mean clarity, disturbance, and ingnorance, respectively. The dominant guna is a reflection of the evolution of the soul as it grows from ignorance to awareness and from awareness to transcendence.

The qualities of the Sattvic mind are clear and pure with an awareness to their connection to spirit and emotions that are transcended. They can be likened to a still lake. No wind on the lake makes it look like a sheet of glass or a mirror with the moon and stars reflecting upon it. Their minds are clear, pure and still with the light of the spirit reflecting through it. They can be unattached to the physical work of life and do not get caught up in the stories and dramas of the world. Their minds are at peace and they appear to be happy and content. It’s a transcendent state of mind that neither feels nor represses distracting emotions. They see nothing to be angry or sad about and has nothing to fear. There is only unconditional love and absolute faith. The concepts of right and wrong, good and bad do not exist for them. There is only God. The sattvic mind is immersed in the perfection of creation.

The Rajasic mind can be described as active with a distracted connection to spirit and expressive emotions. They have a quality of turbulence and activity which brings about distraction. With an internal chatter about the many dramas happening in our lives, which includes the many challenging emotions people face. This distracts them to their connection to spirit. They are like waves on a lake. Wind is blowing and someone has thrown a rock in the middle of the lake. The light of the moon and stars are splintered off the many directions of the waves with no clear reflection. So to with a rajasic mind there is no clear reflection of spirit. Gods light becomes scattered and splintered as it move