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My Ayurvedic Cleansing Journey Day 1

Today is day one of my Ayurvedic cleansing journey. Excitedly I woke up 7 minutes before my alarm. I checked to make sure my baby was still asleep and stole quietly from my room. It was 6 o'clock, still dark and I was the only one up. I took my coconut oil from my kitchen and went to the bathroom. To cleans one must start with elimination, not only of your bodily fluids but of the ama on your tongue. This is my favorite Ayurvedic ritual. I only found this procedure of tongue scrapping within this last year. After that I brushed my teeth and got on to the self message. Now I'm sure anyone with a toddler can relate that finding time for self message throughout the day may be impossible to find. But today I did! It was glorious. I started with my nose. Being in a dry climate adding oil to your nose will help your pores inside work smoother but also will help clear your way for breathing better. I then started on my body from the top bringing circulation to my arms down to the back of my thighs. Reaching down to rub my toes was everything I remembered it was. After I jumped into the warmth of the shower and rinsed myself down while washing only the important bits. Once I was done in the bathroom I felt so refreshed and awake. I took myself to my favorite yoga spot and started my exercise. After haven't been doing yoga regularly for a while I decided to start with 5 sun salutations. On the fifth I noticed the sun rise. It was pink and deep blue, so soft and energizing all at once. I felt so happy to be present in that moment. After my salutations I sat and meditated. After being so energized from all the activity of my morning, the peace of the meditation was angelic. I have always struggled with my mid day meditation, my thoughts constantly busy with the day, but this morning I flowed right into the calmness of my mind. Melting all anxiety away and left with the calm presence that my day is going to be a good day.

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