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It always works out for me.

I'm on an exploration of how to be happy. You get happy by being happy. That's a hard concept to understand. To get there you start small. I am happy with a flower on my porch. I am happy with the activities of my day. I am happy that I have an opportunity to write to you. Being happy with the little things in life start to fill your joy cup and soon you will start to be so full of joy, happiness will over flow from your cup and into other areas of your life you thought joy had abandoned. What had happened was that your river dried up. It is still there for you to experience but there was no movement in that area of your life. Now the rains have come and it starts as a trickle but before you know it its a raging river of happiness and its all yours, created by you. Every little joy counts! Every little flower or action or thought counts. Let it begin with today. take small moments to notice happiness in your life. It can be a bird singing hello to you or a rock that stood out to you so you picked it up. Always believe, it will work out for me.

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