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Heading into the New World, Heart Centered!

Recently there has been a new hashtag or buzzword of the “new world” or “new earth” that we are heading into. It is described as a higher vibrational planet and being in the 5th dimension. To achieve this state one must follow the heart, is what they say. Live in a heart centered worl

d. We need to lead a heart centered lifestyle they say. So how did we do this? I have learned that we first start with talking and more importantly listening to our hearts. We say “hello heart how are you today? How are you feeling is there anything I can do to improve your state of being?” In talking to our hearts, we will find our true inner being and when we find our true inner being we find what makes us happy. When we start listening to our heart instead of our mind and our brain, we start acting on our intuition we follow the signs that our guides leave in front of us, and we start following this path into happiness, harmony, and balance. One of these paths that I followed after the listening to my heart lead towards Ayurveda. Here I learned that if I keep myself in routine with my self-care practices, I can find the strength to follow my heart's desire. But what I've been learning, more so lately, is that my heart wants to talk. I is telling me “connected my throat chakra!” My heart has been begging me to let it be heard. There has been a lot of suffering in my life, a lot of misunderstanding, not being listened to, not being taking seriously. I told my heart this week that I will stand up for it! I will stand up for its right to be heard! I's right to be taken seriously and it's right to be understood! I told my heart that she will be loved. I told her how much I loved her. How proud I am of how far we've how far we've gone in our dreams. I hold her every night now before I go to bed. I say I love you more than anyone else can. I love who you are, and I love who you're becoming.

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