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Ayurvedic Wellness Class

Group Therapy Program

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Sunday May 29th 9am-11am PST


Friday June 10th 9am-11am PST

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Healing Your Life

Ayurvedic Wellness Program

is a six week series of Ayurvedic education classes that supports each participant to create a sustainable diet and lifestyle in order to prevent disease and promote longevity. In this program you will learn how to live harmoniously
through your five senses utilizing food, colors, sounds, aromas and touch.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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All classes are based on the popular book "Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda" by
Dr. Marc Halpern, the Founder of the California College of Ayurveda.

"The path of healing through Ayurveda is a path of personal responsibility. Each person is empowered with the ability to make choices. Those choices will either bring health and peace of mind or suffering and disease. Most people make their choices about how to live based on a lack of knowledge. Taking cues from friends, family and the media, choices are made. If these choices have led you to optimal health and inner peace, then you have been blessed. But if not, Ayurveda outlines a clear road map for the journey and provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed."  ~ Healing Your Life

Module 1
The Cause of Disease and
Suffering & Your Ayurvedic Constitution

In this module you will become empowered with an understanding of the cause of disease and your unique constitution. This forms the foundation for understanding yourself on all levels of body, mind and soul.  

"Only when the true cause of one’s suffering is known does the path to healing become clear" 

"Central to the practice of Ayurveda is the knowledge of the five elements and the three doshas. The five elements are our most basic building blocks. The three doshas are the fundamental biological energies governing the functions of the body and mind" ~ Healing Your Life

Module 2
Constitution & The Mind
and the Nature of Your Imbalances

This module will provide an opportunity to learn the nature of your mind, which has the same basic constitution as your body. You will also learn the nature of your imbalances, which is key to restoring and maintaining health and well-being!

"Some aspect of our core self must change for complete healing to occur. This process of self-observation and reflection accelerates our personal growth. Each symptom is looked at in a new light. Rather than as a problem, it becomes our teacher. Each symptom is the body’s voice trying to communicate that something in our life is out of harmony. If we can solve the mystery, important lessons are learned and we have the opportunity for true healing to take place." ~ Healing Your Life

Module 3
Healing Your Life Through Diet

Our five senses are portals through which we interact with the world. Through our senses we take in that which leads to health and well-being, or to disease and disharmony. In this module, you will come to understand food in a whole new way, including learning the extraordinary importance of how you eat your food!

"There are few things that are more important to our health and well-being than what we eat and how we digest our food. Healing our lives often means healing our relationship to food."~ Healing Your Life

Module 4
Healing Your Life Through Touch
& The Healing Rhythms of Daily Life

What forms of touch are most healing for you? What habits and routines do you practice each day?

"A touch can be healing or a touch can cause harm. If what we take in through our sense of touch is harmonious, our body and mind develop the physiology of health.
If what we take in is disharmonious, our body and mind move toward disease. The art of ayurvedic touch therapy is the art of knowing what type of touch will bring harmony and healing to you and then bringing this type of touch into your life." ~ Healing Your Life

"Your daily routines reflect the sum total of how you live your life. If you have healthy routines, you will have a healthy life, your inner beauty will shine and you will reach more of your full potential. If you have unhealthy routines, your foundation will eventually crack, your health and well-being will suffer, and that light that illuminates your inner beauty will fade." ~ Healing Your Life

Module 5
Healing Your Life Through Aromatherapy and Vision

Through our senses of smell and vision we take into our body, mind and consciousness impressions that can either lead to health and wellness or to disease. In this module you will have the opportunity to create your own customized aromatherapy spray and to learn a color meditation, both based on what is most balancing for you.

"Healing your life through your sense of smell means taking conscious control over your aromatic environment. It means choosing aromas that support your well-being. Depending upon your constitution and the nature of any imbalances within you, the proper aromas can be selected that support helping you to return to balance. 

If what we take in through our sense of vision is not harmonious, we will experience some level of stress and that creates disease."~ Healing Your Life

Module 6
Healing Your Life Through Sound

What effect do different forms of communication have your health and well-being? What types of music will support your healing, and what types are not healthy for you? In this module you will experience sound through the lens of Ayurveda, empowering you to make health-giving choices regarding the sounds that you bring into your life. 

"Just as some sounds cause our bodies to react in a negative manner, other sounds activate the healing process of our bodies."~ Healing Your Life

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